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At Indiana Craniofacial Center PC, we can treat the source of chronic pain in the head, neck, and jaw, with professional treatment methods for lasting relief. Patients who struggle with snoring, breathing issues, or sleep apnea due to oral health issues, need a solution, and not just temporary relief. By treating the source of the issue, we can help patients achieve the long-lasting relief they need.

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From the moment patients walk in the door to any follow-up appointments, we provide patients with professional chronic pain treatment they need to achieve lasting relief. Far too often, people will avoid seeking professional treatment and seek medication for chronic pain in the teeth, jaw, face, head, or neck. However, medication will only provide temporary relief. Our team will provide professional and long-lasting chronic pain treatment for a variety of oral health issues. We will customize the treatment plan to the needs of each patient in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. People who seem to struggle with chronic migraines constantly can also benefit from visiting our practice.

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Our craniofacial center provides a variety of services for chronic pain. Our goal is to help patients achieve long-lasting relief by identifying the source of the pain. Sleep apnea can cause breathing issues during one’s sleep while also causing jaw pain, headaches, and other issues. The longer a patient goes without professional treatment, the worse the pain will get. Our services include TMJ treatment, nerve pain treatment, migraine treatment, face pain treatment, neck pain treatment, tension headache treatment, post-surgical rehab, chronic tooth pain treatment, sleep disorder treatment, snoring treatment, and more. We also provide radiation therapy side effects treatment and chemotherapy side effects treatment.

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Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need to gather information on the patient’s current condition, medical history, allergies, insurance, and any other pertinent information. Patients will provide most of this information on a “New Patient Information form.” After conducting an examination, we will then build a customized treatment plan to address the source of the patient’s pain. By doing this, we can help to provide lasting relief instead of a temporary solution. Along with that, we can schedule follow-up appointments to ensure patients are recovering properly. We can also go over any lifestyle changes that can help with the recovery and continued relief.