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At Indiana Craniofacial Center PC, we help patients receive treatment for various types of chronic pain in the head, neck, and jaw. Far too often, people attempt to treat pain with temporary solutions, such as store-bought pain reliever medication, instead of seeking treatment that addresses the source. Our treatment can help to target the cause of the pain for lasting relief.

Breathing issues while asleep or excessive snoring can be the result of a condition known as sleep apnea. Issues such as TMJ can cause jaw pain and soreness that interrupts sleep and hinders one’s quality of life throughout the day. We can customize the treatment for each patient’s individual needs and help ensure they recover from the condition.

To learn more about our craniofacial center and begin the path toward treatment, call us at 317-283-1900 today.

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Arthur Roberts, DDS, MSc

Dr Roberts was born and raised in Shelbyville, Indiana. His father was a dentist and one of his younger brothers is a dentist. He is married with 4 adult children and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Roberts has an endless curiosity and after graduation from Indiana University Dental School has more than 16 years formal postdoctoral study at Oxford University, Indiana University, University of Edinburgh, and UHSA. He holds a DDS degree in addition to an MSc (with distinction) in pain management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Evidence-based Medicine. He is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management and also serves on their board of directors. he has thousands of hours of short courses provided by professional academies, hospitals, medical centers, government agencies and institutes. He has lectured in universities in the United States and Europe.

His philosophy is that an accurate diagnosis is the key to treatment excellence.

William Adams, DDS, MSD

Dr. William Adams graduated cum laude in 1969 from The Ohio State University School of Dentistry. He completed a U.S. Air Force General Dentistry Residency Program at San Antonio, Texas and served as a Flight Dentist/Oral Surgeon for a 13-chair clinic in North Carolina from 1970-72.

He then completed his Endodontic Specialty training at Indiana University School of Dentistry as a resident at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis. He was a full-time faculty member at Indiana University for 5 years and has continued part-time for the last 27 years.

He co-founded Indianapolis Endodontics with Dr. Spolnik in 1978. He is a principal author of the first textbook on endodontic surgery, Surgical Endodontics, published in 1982. He has since published many clinical articles and lectured nationally and internationally. He is a resident of scenic Brown County and swears it is worth the drive.

About Us

Accurate Diagnosis of Head, Neck and Facial Pain

Indiana Craniofacial Center is first focused on developing an accurate diagnosis of the causes of your head, neck and facial pain. Equipped with an accurate diagnosis our collective attention can be turned to providing an appropriate plan of treatment to insure the best possible outcome.

State of the Art Facility

Using our state-of-the-art facilities, years of education and experience, attention to detail, and attentive compassion we constantly strive to give you the best care possible.

Serving Greater Indianapolis Area

We serve central Indiana patients located in the greater Indianapolis area including Marion, Hamilton and Johnson counties.