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Electric Neuromodulation (EMN) for pain control has an extensive history datin back to early Greek time. For many years cutaneous clinicians have been using TENS (transdermal electrical nerve stimulation) to treat some neuro-muscular pain problems but were having unpredictable success.

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More recently, a somewhat similar modality, PENS (percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), has blossomed into the spotlight with many studies highlighting its proficiency over TENS in treating chronic pain.

PENS has proven to be effective in treating chronic persistent and episodic pain conditions. It also has been effective in reducing anxiety and depression. All of these positive benefits came about because of several mechanisms which are:

  • Vagal stimulation which results in antidepression and anti-nociceptive effects due to endorphine release as well as lessening the autonomic stress response
  • Seretonin production occurs which is knew to lessen Chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Nearly always there is a reduction of dependency on narcotics and anti-depressant medications
  • Autonomic regulation by decreasing sympathetic output. Sleep is improved as a result as well as overall anxiety and irritability

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