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Oral sleep apnea appliances alter the position of the temporalmandibular joints.

Sleep apnea, like TMD, can involve disease and dysfunction of multiple organ systems. Consequently, a team approach, including a dentist familiar with possible complications and having an ability to communicate effectively with other members of the team, offers the best solution to these complex and often multifaceted disease processes.

TMD can coexist with other medical conditions.

A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary TMD rehabilitation program is the best way to enable patients to achieve maximum improvement.

Accurate diagnosis can be challenging.

There are over 40 different types of TMD and scores of other diseases that mimic TMD and there are over 400 common causes of chronic head and neck pain that are non-TMD related.

The underlying causes of your symptoms may not be immediately apparent.

TMD can occur by itself or be part of a more complex health problem. Untread sleep disorders can exacerbate chronic pain conditions like TMD and chronic pain conditions can be a cause of poor sleep.

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